Download Ventyx MineScape v5.7.88 dan Patched

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Download Ventyx MineScape v5.7.88 dan Patched – Ventyx MineScape dikembangkan oleh perusahaan Ventyx Intelligent Mining Solution, dimana software besutan VIMS ini didedikasikan untuk semua perusahaan yang begerak dibidang pertambangan karena tantangan perkembangan IT dan dunia tambang dalam hal modelling dan design, serta terintegrasi dengan sistem management informasi supaya ongkos operasional penambangan dan biaya produksi nilainya lebih murah.

Berikut beberapa keunggulan Ventyx MineScape v5.7.88 :

Core MineScape

  • Mandatory for all Ventyx MineScape products, Core MineScape comprises a fully integrated, mining-based 3D CAD system. Supporting custom programming and reporting, it provides a comprehensive mining-oriented function library including surface manipulation, gridding, transaction and spreadsheet management facilities.It also enables direct viewing of AutoCAD ESRI shapefiles and comprehensive plotting functionality.

Block Model

  • Perform efficient and accurate 3D modeling of non-stratigraphic deposits using MineScape’s in-built CAD system to view and manipulate the models. Generate 3D deposit models with an interpretation of geologic data for definition of wireframe solids and export to third party optimization tools such as Whittle 4D.

Geologic Database (GDB)

  • Store downhole survey, lithology and quality data, produce standard’, summary and user-defined reports and graphically display the downhole data. GDB displays lithology, intervals, geophysics, and correlation and contains specialized compositing and washability functions.


  • Perform complex stratigraphic modeling functions including reverse faulting. Interactively manipulate 3D models including rendered displays in any orientation.


  • Apply a variety of burden movement techniques including pre-strip, cast blasting and production dozing to simulate the execution of total pit burden removal strategies.

Drill & Blast

  • Use the interactive 3D CAD environment to quickly lay out an optimum blast pattern, project holes to surfaces and export hole layout reports to GPS-equipped drill rigs. Drill & Blast is integrated to produce quick blast exclusion zones.


  • Design haul roads interactively in 3D. Determine cut and fill requirements for mass balancing and optimization. Automatically generate reports for survey and construction personnel in graphical or text formats.

Open Cut

  • Generate and test mine designs for short-term production operations and long-term feasibility studies. Use MineScape’s 3D CAD tools to visualize and graphically interact with the design at any stage.


  • Generate survey instructions automatically from mine plans. Input survey results from the field, recorder or field book directly into the MineScape database. Generate production reports and plans and use the database information for further short-term planning, reclamation, and reconciliation.


  • Optimize the mining method and sequence by providing forecasts of material movement and machine activities for long- and short-term operations.


  • Quickly produce and test short and long-term mine designs. Visualize and manipulate a design at any stage using MineScape’s interactive 3D

CAD tools

  • Incorporate the latest available information, i.e. recent drilling, and survey data, into the design.
Download Ventyx MineScape v5.7.88 dan Patched

Download Ventyx MineScape v5.7.88 dan Patched

Berikut beberapa feature Ventyx MineScape v5.7.88 :

  • A Graphical Task interface (GTi), which seamlessly merges MineScape’s various functions.
  • Intuitive familiar working environment.
  • True simultaneous multi-user access to all 3D data and models.
  • Advanced 3D CAD support.
  • MineScape Explorer to browse projects and manipulate data.
  • Multi-user support in a network environment.
  • Complex stratigraphic modeling functionality including reverse faulting.
  • Integration of the geologic database with modeling and the 3D graphics environment.
  • An ability to replay dragline simulation.
  • Surface-following for block model interpolation.
  • Volume and reserves calculation.

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